Whole 30: Getting It Together

Hello, Whole 30

If you’re going to try  Whole 30, you really have to do it right:

  1. Read the literature from top to bottom. Do’s and don’ts, tips, pantry recommendations, anything you can find.
  2. Come to terms with the fact that you probably eat more sugar and processed food than you think, and that at some point you will miss it.
  3. Get your story straight. If you present this choice in a confident manner, the people in your life who actually matter will understand where you’re coming from.
  4. Prep your checking account. Eating well is awesome but it definitely comes at a price. The first time I did Whole 30 I was averaging around $70/week just on myself (Jon and I were still long distance at the time). Don’t let this warning be a deterrent though– you  could skip some of the luxury items and just go basic.
  5. Cross check your ingredients all day, every day. Slip-ups are lurking. I speak from experience.
  6. Prep your pantry. Stock up on produce, meat and snacks. I always over-buy so I know I wont break down during the week/on the go, but you could probably save a couple bucks shopping meal by meal. fruit        Life savers: Trader Joe’s jumbo raisins, cashews, crock pot beef, crock pot pork, apples, Lara bars, cauliflower rice, boiled eggs, and salmon. snacks.jpg
  7. Remember, this process isn’t solely about losing weight (although you likely will– 2 to 25lbs–depending on your current size and habits. Why the range? That’s the running spread between my friends and I).
  8. Stay positive and do not let “I wont last” even enter your mind! This process will leave you feeling good and feeling empowered. If you think you can do it, you will do it!

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